Ecumenical Call to Prayer

Posted: 23 May 2020

For the ninth week running, 14 Churches and Christian organisations across Scotland are calling on Christians to pray at the same time in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Please join in prayer at 7 pm on Sunday 24th May.   Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair said: "I’m delighted to have read that in the last couple of months google searches for ‘prayer’ have increased dramatically. "But reading about what prayer is and how to do it is the only the start of it. After that it’s time to actually pray! "And what better than to join with brothers and sisters from across the nation at 7pm on Sunday to pray our way through this ongoing crisis. I commend it to you and look forward to being with you, in Spirit, on Sunday evening."   "In the Gospel of John (17: 1-11), Jesus prays for his disciples in anticipation of the time when he will no longer be with them. What is it that he prays for? Jesus asks the Father to ‘protect’ his friends. Whilst he was with them, Jesus protected and shielded the disciples and later in his prayer he prays for each one of us. The ascended Lord Jesus continues to pray for us and assures us that his presence will be renewed through the gift of the Holy Spirit."   We pray:

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VE Day

Posted: 07 May 2020

The Church Bell rang out on 7th May to commemorate VE Day. The Bell was rang by Ian McMickan and assisted by Norman Kennedy.

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This Month's News

Church Services

Posted: 16 Sep 2020

We are delighted to announce that Church Services shall resume from the 27th of September. However they will be a little different in that there will be no singing and masks must be worn. In order to adhere to government guidelines of Test and Protect we are asking people to ‘book their seat’ this is easy following the link below.   The Session have also agreed a protocol for the Elders and helpers to follow on Sunday.  This can be seen under the tab "notices"    Unfortunately we are limited to 40 places because of social distancing so it’s on a first come first served basis.    

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