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Dalbeattie & Kirkgunzeon Church Spring Magazine 2020

Because of the restrictions on movement due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), it was decided that the Elders would not to circulate the Spring Magazine at this time.  However, you can read/download the magazine on the website here:  Spring Magazine  


Gift Aid

Gift Aid is good news for the Church:  It increases our giving by 25%

  • No minimum contribution is required
  • No particular amount has to be promised
  • There is no fixed term during which contributions must be made
  • Tax may be recovered retrospectively.

All that is required is that the donor must pay UK income tax or capital gains tax, at any rate, at least equal to the amount of tax being reclaimed, and give their offering or donation through offering envelopes or by bank standing order or by cheque to establish the necessary audit trail.

Donors must also sign a Gift Aid declaration form, which gives the name of the congregation and the donor’s name and address (including postcode).

The easiest way for the Church to increase funds is through Gift Aid.  If you give £1.00, the Church receives 25p.  Many people give through Bank Standing Orders that can either be monthly, quarterly or annually.  You can also change the regular amount you are giving.  

You can download a Gift Aid declaration form then send it to me letting me know if you would like to give through weekly envelopes, Standing Order or by cheque.  A form to arrange a standing order  through your bank can also be downloaded from this website.

It really will make a difference.


Sheila Farries
Tel: 01387 760259



Parish Profile

The principal purpose of the Parish Profile is to highlight the strengths of the parishes and to show the parishes in the best possible light. The Nominations Committee consulted widely with both Sessions before the production of the final draft. Sincere thanks go to Miss Cathro and Mr Smith from Dalbeattie High School for their help with the creation of the Profile.

You can download the profile here



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