Dalbeattie & Kirkgunzeon Parish Church linked with Urr Parish Church

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Hello, and welcome to the Dalbeattie & Kirkgunzeon website. 
The Spring flowers are beginning to show all around now and it lifts our spirits to see how they have managed to survive winter. With all the blustery storms we have had this winter, we are glad of a sign of new life around. 
 Perhaps new life signalling a new start, a different start.  At Dalbeattie & Kirkgunzeon Parish Church, we are always glad to welcome new people into our midst.  Our sanctuary is a welcoming place, on any Sunday morning at 11.00am, we ring the bell and invite people to come and join us in our worship.
 Led in praise by our musical director, Rory Robson, we sing and lift our voices in praise with hymns both old and modern, something for everyone.
 Christmas saw us celebrating with different services, but the most popular was our Candle-light Carol Service, what a wonderful atmosphere there was at it and truly celebrated Christmas.
 Heading into Lent and then onto Easter, there are different services taking place also, and some with our Churches Together group too.
 If you have been thinking "It might be nice to go/return to Church" then please feel welcome to join us any Sunday. A warm welcome awaits you.
God's House is open to all.  I as the Minister, am always happy to see new faces in the congregation.
 So, if you have been looking for a place to worship, or even a place to meet the Lord, don't hesitate to come in and share fellowship with us.
Fiona Wilson, Minister. 


Rev Fiona Wilson and Richard Wilson

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Collecting Stamps

Stamps.Please keep the stamps (with a piece of envelope around them) and bring them to church. There is a collection box at the back. Ask your friends and family to do the same. If not at church, please bring them to Initiative Shop for Sheena. We are collecting them for Age Concern




Dalbeattie Parish Church was opened on its current site in 1880 and the Church Centre was completed in early 1990s.

The Church serves the local community and provides a focus for doing God's work.

Click here for the history.



Kirkgunzeon Church is a lovely little Church and sits in the middle of the village.  In October the decision was made to close Kirkgunzeon Church and unite with Dalbeattie Church where the services are now held.

Where the present building stands has been a sacred place dating back to around 1100s.   If you are interested in the history click here



Urr is a beautiful rural church, adjacent to the village of Haugh of Urr, in the valley of the River Urr.  There has been a church on this site since 1606.  The present building was opened in 1915 and through its history has been the centre of Christian service to the local community.

If you want to know more about Urr Church History, click here.