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Front of Urr ChurchOriginally there were two churches in the Parish, both erected in the twelfth century. One was at Meikle Kirkland and dedicated to St.Constantine, a sixth century King of Cornwall who preached in Galloway; the other was at Blaiket and known as the Church of St.Bride, the dedication being to the Irish saint, St.Bridget.

The first church on the present site was erected in 1606, and of that church there remains a wooden panel from the pulpit bearing the date of the church and the initials of the minister of that time, the Rev. John Thomson. This panel can be seen in the Vestry.

On 21 February 1751, Presbytery met at Urr at the instigation of the minister of that time, Mr McKinnell, and after consultations with the heritors and tradesmen, agreed that a new church be built, 61 feet long, 24 feet wide, and 13 feet high from foundations to easing, with three doors and 8 windows. It was duly opened the following year.

In 1815 the church was rebuilt and enlarged, at a cost of £1000. Then in 1894, an extensive scheme of improvement was carried through when Dr Frew came to the parish.

The present building was designed by the renowned Glasgow architect, Patrick McGregor Chalmers. The Foundation Stone was laid in 1914, the building opened for worship the following year, the whole Church being the inspiration of the minister of that time, the Rev. Dr David Frew, who was also the author of the history of the Parish, ‘The Parish of Urr’, published in 1909.

Urr Church inside
The most distinguished minister in the long history of the Parish was the Rev. Alexander Murray, DD. A brilliant linguist, he became Professor of Oriental Languages at Edinburgh University.

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