Rotas for Elders' Door Duties, Elders' Communion Service Duties, Flower Lists, Church - Lesson Readers and Coffee after Church Service are listed below.

Each one can be downloaded onto your computer and printed off.


Elders' Door Duties 2017/2018 




D Millar *


F Sanderson


E Smith


C Cloy




S Farries*


R Farries


N Kennedy


S Scott




L Stevenson*


G Cathro


R Cathro


P Allison




N Lindsay*


H Lunn


I McMickan


M McMickan




J Carter *


A Howie


A Kalotka


M Adams




G Crawford*


C McCall


E McCall


L Murray













If any Elder is unavailable for the above dates please arrange a substitute

and advise Lilly Stevenson Tel No. 610131

 * Monthly Banking

Elders please assist with banking and flower distribution.

Elders' Door Duties (November 2017 - April 2018) download here (uploaded 14 September 2017)


Flower List (October 2017 - April 2018): download here (uploaded 4 May 2017)

Message from the Flower Convenor download here (uploaded 4 May 2017)

As Flower Convenor I am very grateful for members support by arranging and/or providing flowers for Sunday Services.  These flowers are then gratefully received by the sick, bereaved and housebound of the congregation.  Please let me know if you would like to fill any vacant date shown.  Anonymous donations via the Flower Fund boxes at the rear of the Church are most welcome.  If you feel someone would benefit from a visit with flowers, please advise the Elders on duty or the Minister.  I am no longer responsible for delivery of flowers each week but would like to thank members for their help over the years.  Thank you.

Beryl Hagger

Tel: 611614



Rota for Coffee after Church Service (February, March, April 2018):


11 February

Margaret Adams

Netta Moffat

18 February

Christian Aid/

Morag McMickan


25 February

Pauline Allison

Fiona McMillan


11 March

Lilly Stevenson

Liz McCall


18 March

Christian Aid/

Morag McMickan


25 March

Beverley Chadwick

Mary Turnbull


8 April

Helen Lunn

Jane Howarth


15 April

Morag McMickan/

Christian Aid


22 April

Sheila Farries

Sue Biggar


29 April

 Susan Strachan

 Mary Clark


Margaret Niven

Morag McMickan

Sheena Scott




If anyone cannot manage on any date please contact one of the others to arrange a swap or try one of the reserves. 

It is suggested that volunteers should arrive at the Church Centre around 10.15 set up.

If anyone has further queries please do not hesitate to contact me on 01556 611605.

Thank you, Margaret Adams.

Rota for Coffee after Church Service:download here (uploaded 16 February 2018)


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